How to Downsize with a Pet

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Article by Brandon Butler


How to Downsize With a Pet: A Step-by-Step Guide
Downsizing with a pet can be a stressful process, but you can take steps to make it easier for everyone involved. Presented by Rosemary Delaurentis, this guide walks you through the most important steps in downsizing with your pet in mind so you can ensure you’re doing everything possible to keep your furry friend happy and safe throughout the entire process.

Getting Your Home Ready for Sale 
To make sure your downsizing process goes smoothly, it's best to prep your current home for sale. This means getting it into ready-to-show condition by organizing closets and drawers, decluttering, painting (if needed), and cleaning. This may seem like an overwhelming task, but if you do one room at a time and make daily progress, completing the task doesn't take long.

How to Downsize Efficiently
Start downsizing at least one month before you plan to leave your current home. Though it’s hard to part with belongings, if you’re serious about downsizing, you have to let go of some things. Items that don’t work anymore or that you no longer use need to go. You can sell your items online or donate them to a charity in Phoenix.

Finding Your Next Home
When you’re looking for a new home, you may feel overwhelmed by all your options. First, decide what features are a must-have, and make sure they’re present in any house you’re interested in buying. Then, take inventory of other features that are nice to have in a new home and how much those extra perks may cost you.

Purchasing Your New Home
If you’re looking to take out a mortgage, it’s important to understand your debt-to-income ratio and how lenders use it to evaluate your loan application. You can determine your DTI ratio by adding up your existing monthly financial outgoings and dividing the total by your overall monthly income. Calculating your DTI can help you understand how much you can afford to spend each month. 

Preparing for the Trip to Your New Home
Transitioning to a new home may be exciting and overwhelming for your pet, so it's best to acclimate them slowly. Introducing them to your new home on moving day isn't ideal. If possible, take them on a few short visits to the new place prior to moving day. Let them spend some time getting comfortable in their new residence. Introduce them to your new home slowly, and let them become familiar with their new surroundings. 

Keeping Your Pets Safe While You Move
When traveling with your pet, consider buying them a pet crate for their comfort and safety during the trip. Fill the pet crate with their favorite treats and toys, and let them get used to it before you leave your old home. Make sure they have updated microchips and ID tags, pack any medications they need, and get them up to date with any necessary vaccinations at the vet.

Your New Dream Home
Downsizing can seem daunting, and you have to consider how to keep your pet happy. Luckily, with some planning and preparation, you and your pet can enjoy your new adventure together. Visit Rosemary Delaurentis of Coldwell Banker Realty for help finding your new dream home in Phoenix.